Rotary Motors
Custom Motors offers two complete families of brushless servo motors. The “T” Series is best in price vs. performance. Our “C” Series offers a broader range of power and is extremely configurable to meet almost any application.
Servo Amps
The CA-Series is a complete line of 230 VAC and 460 VAC encoder or resolver based brushless servo amplifiers with RS232 or RS485 communication.

The CAIF-Series of digital programmable motor controllers are designed to control torque, velocity and position of a single axis brushless motor. Again, both 230 and 460 VAC models are available.

Our Power, Feedback and Communication Cables are designed to work with all of Custom Motors standard products. Custom cables are also available to allow for products to be mixed and matched with competitive products.

Gearboxes, Shunt Loads and Custom Frameless Motors are also available on an as needed basis.