About Us - Custom Motors
Our Mission:
Becoming the industry leader in the development and application of high-performance electric motors, servo amplifiers, cabling and accessories, while raising the industry level of technical support and customer service.

Who We Are
Founded in 2003 by William (Bill) Anderson, Custom Motors is located in Mountain Lake, MN. Bill has been in the motion control industry for over 30 years and has successfully designed and developed six servo motor families, all of which continue to run in the field today. When he started Custom Motors. Bill successfully recruited associates with whom he shared a long-term professional relationship and who had a proven track record of success. This seasoned team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your motion control needs are met.

Custom Motors is a full service provider of rotary motors, amplifiers and cables, Custom Motors provides comprehensive applications engineering, on-site field service in supporting the selection, application and use of these products.This support is directly accessible from the factory. In addition, Custom Motors will supply its engineering and technical resources in problem solving, repairing, upgrading or modifying competitive products which traditionally have become legacy products before their time.