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Contact: Lisa Anderson
Custom Motors
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Mountain Lake, MN 56159
T: 507-427-2920/F: 507-427-2256

Custom Motors, Mountain Lake, MN, announces its new MPA-CON-2 Conversion Card and Installation Manual for quick and easy field replacement of your old Custom Servo Motors / MTS Automation or Parker MPA servo amplifiers. With the use of this card and a Custom Motors CA servo drive, you can use the existing cables on your machine, quickly disconnect your encoder output, I/O, and resolver input connectors from your existing MPA series drive and reconnect directly into the MPA-CON-2 Conversion Card. Once completed, simply follow the quick, step-by-step directions in the Installation Manual and you will be up and running again in no time!

Custom Motors CA-Series brushless servo drives offer the following advantages:

  • All digital configuration ensures fast setup and repeatable tuning
  • Full range of power available 230 VAC 4-60 amps RMS continuous and 460 VAC 5-50 amps RMS continuous
  • Sinusoidal motor commutation results in reduced motor heating and smoother operation
  • Smaller physical size allows for installation in all existing MPA applications
  • Proven design and reliability
  • Cost and availability
  • Adapter card allows for field replacement of MPA's without soldering or control rewiring
  • Resolver based with simulated encoder signal output. Output line count selectable

For more information about these or any of Custom Motors products call us directly at 507-427-2920.