Order Instructions
How to place an order
All orders are accepted direct at the factory. An order will not be accepted without an approved factory quotation.

If you are a new customer, the following is required

You will need the following prior to placing your order:
  • Purchase Order – completed and sent via email. Verbal purchase orders will be accepted from established customers only.

Before your purchase order can be processed, we will need to validate the following:
  • Part Number – part number must be correct on your purchase order and match the Custom Motors approved quotation.
  • Price – see the quote provided from the factory.
  • Quantity – price breaks on quantities are available upon request.
  • Requested Delivery Date – must correspond with lead time shown on quote. Custom Motors will always try to meet the needs of our customers, however, confirmation dates are based on the lead time quoted.
  • Shipping Instructions – Our preference is that shipments are sent best-way freight collect. Custom Motors will pre-pay and add freight when requested.
  • Ship To Address – Custom Motors will “drop ship” upon request. Please note delivery address if different than billing address on your purchase order.

How to request a quote
Our team would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary quotation. You can email your RFQ to william.anderson@customermotorsmn.com. However, if you are a new customer or have not previously purchased the selected part numbers you are seeking, it is recommended that you contact a factory representative to assist you. If Custom Motors has local representation in your area, we will make their contact information available to you.

How to get a price
Please contact our factory for a quotation.

Mountain Lake, MN

How to contact the factory
or call us at 507-221-3630.