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The CAIF-Series of digital motor controllers are designed to control velocity, torque, or position of a single axis brushless DC motor (optional DC brush type). With assignable optically isolated inputs and outputs, as well as analog inputs and outputs, this controller can eliminate the need for an additional programmable logic controller (PLC). Windows-based PC software is furnished with each unit and provides a simple "drag and drop" program building environment for a stand alone or multi-axis control scheme. There is no additional controller card needed to perform motion profiles for indexing, positioning and input-output processing. The unique software and firmware development scheme allows for all the drive functions, as well as the profiling to be performed by the same processor. This translates to a very accurate torque and speed control, since there is virtually no delay in processing. Use of the same processor to perform the motion controller task and the drive function have eliminated the extra hardware needed to support the motion controller tasks and the additional I/O's to communicate with the drive section.